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wild kratts episodes

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‎"Wild Kratts" joins the adventures of Chris and Martin Kratt as they encounter incredible wild animals, combining science education with fun and adventure as the duo travels to animal habitats around the globe. The Wild Kratts head to the Arctic tundra to learn about some of the animals that inhabit it. As the rest of the crew searches for them, the Kratt brothers meet a blowfish, which they observe using its spiky skin as a defense, and even how it eats. • "The Cobra King" • "Puffin Rescue" When Martin and Chris find a lone baby elephant, they bring him back to the Tortuga HQ for safety until they find his Mom. Meanwhile, Chef Gourmand is searching for a great white shark and wants to use its fins for shark fin soup. • "In Search of the Easter Bunny" When Chris and Martin's Creature Power suits get jammed in Proboscis monkey mode, they find themselves joining the troop to help them stay out of reach of the top predators of the Indonesian rainforest. • "Little Howler" • "Box Turtled In!" | New Episodes on WETA Kids, AETN offers new Wild Kratts episodes as part of PBS Kids Summer Safari, PBS Schedules Specials, 'Nature Cat' Premiere, New 'Wild Kratts' Movie Premieres on PBS KIDS Nov. 23, PBS KIDS Premieres WILD KRATTS "Lost at Sea", Wild Kratts: Back in Creature Time & New Episodes, THE FUN-FILLED HOLIDAY MOVIE "WILD KRATTS: A CREATURE CHRISTMAS" ARRIVES ON DVD, https://wildkratts.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_List?oldid=70449, The Kratt brothers try to show Aviva that crocodiles are not all about snapping jaws or ferociousness. [1] Since it debuted on PBS Kids and PBS Kids Go! The Kratt brothers begin the search, and as they try to stay on track, they stumble upon a diamondback rattlesnake. After a suspicious rhino stampede, the Kratt brothers find a rhino calf which Martin names. • "Choose Your Swordfish" The Kratt Brothers leap into animated action in Wild Kratts, a new half-hour adventure comedy from the creators of the hit show Kratts’ Creatures and Zoboomafoo. While trying to understand how their legs allow them to move from tree to tree, Gourmand makes a few diversions to distract them as he nets the sifaka lemurs one by one for a new dish. The Wild Kratts find a little brown bat on a plate of Jimmy Z's brownies. The rest of the crew wants to vacation in a warmer climate, so Aviva makes a snow-melting device and heater to melt the snow to create a beach environment. The Wild Kratts receive a distress call from two kids who found out that the trees in the forest where they live are dying. The Kratt brothers challenge each other in contests involving Creature Powers of African animals. As they get sprayed one by one, they try harder to reclaim their headquarters without surprising the skunks, and to find an effective skunk stink antidote. He also resents his brother, who keeps enjoying the fact that he gets to meet purple martins and pine martens, his "namesakes," as he calls them. The Kratt brothers are in Tasmania, tagging Tasmanian devils so they can track them and potentially save them from extinction. Honey Seekers. Chris and Martin are determined to prove to Aviva that there's more to crocodiles than their reputation as scary brutes. Although Chris gets to have the Creature Power of his preferred animal made first, he and his brother find it increasingly difficult to understand the predator–prey relationship between the Arctic wolf (predator) and the musk ox (prey). In the Wild Kratts team's turtle-shaped aircraft and headquarters—the Tortuga, one of Aviva's … There are screaming, singing, dancing and happy people. Meanwhile, Donita Donata and Dabio fly to Madagascar to collect scents for fragrant soap and shampoo. When a bat gets trapped in the Tortuga HQ, the Wild Kratts team has to overcome its various negative feelings about the winged mammals in order to help him back out into the wild. • "Rattlesnake Crystal" Chris removes it, causing the whole dam to burst and the beaver pond to drain. While Martin and Chris explore the powers of the chickadee, Martin encounters an ermine. Add to Favourites. The Wild Kratts team is checking out pronghorn out on the prairie. While the Kratt brothers are off searching for orangutans, Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z get sore arms after getting carried away swinging on vines. • "Raptor Round Up", "Bad Hair Day" Aviva wants to build a food web for the African savannah, so she devises a game and Chris and Martin take the challenge! • "Creature Power Challenge" They then find a mother dhole with a pup; however, an Indian leopard threatens the dhole, wondering how a small dhole can defeat a huge big cat they learn they use power in numbers and use their pack of dholes to outnumber the leopard. The villains are stealing animals for a Haunted House and The Wild Kratts and the Wild Kratts kids must stop them and save their animal friends. The Wild Kratts Crew writes autographs to the people. Eventually, they learn that Donita is the one that put the penguins there and demands she gives them the exact location where they came from. Each Wild Kratts episode lasts about 26 minutes. The Tortuga loses power and crash lands in the Amazon rainforest. • "A Creature Christmas" The Wild Kratts wake up to find Chris missing, and instead find a message from Chris. They, While testing Aviva's latest invention, the. • "Komodo Dragon" However there is also a hungry male king cobra around which is bad for the bros as they are in spectacled cobra powers and king cobras love eating other snakes. Each episode of Wild Kratts finds brothers Chris and Martin discovering the "creature powers" of one member of the animal kingdom, and then inevitably using that power to solve a problem or save that animal from one of a rotating cast of villains. • "Fire Salamander" • "Race for the Hippo Disc" As they go through the trouble to do so, Aviva becomes inspired to make African savanna-themed crew jackets for the team. Chris and Martin announce that no creature or vehicle can travel as fast over the rough and tumble African savannah as the cheetah. ". They follow it to its den, hoping to find some shed quills that could be used as part of a necklace. • "Walk on the Wetside" Knowing that archerfish are able to accurately target their prey from a distance, Chris and his teammates then set out to learn how to improve one's aim from the archerfish. After realizing that the creatures around them are seahorses, Donita is inspired to make seahorse-themed jewelry. While on an adventure to discover the toughest animal in Africa, Martin and Chris uncover the amazing relationship between the Honey guide bird and Honey badger. On the way they encounter a strange array of creatures that dwell at the bottom, one of which is the yeti crab. • "The Colors of China" Chris gets his way after stuffing a. • "The Dhole Duplicator" Realizing that Madagascar has no major land predators, the Kratt brothers settle on exploring Madagascar. • "Lemur Legs" $6.99. They have no idea where it came from and must retrace their steps in order to return him to his pack. Donita Donata and her henchman, Dabio, also head to Madagascar, this time to collect lemurs to use as scarves for last-minute Mother's Day shoppers. 2K Views **Kratt’s Best Friend** As the sun was shinning of the African Savanna, Jimmy was refilling his secret snack stash outside the Tortuga. To complete the hunt, the crew has to find a total of five tenrecs, rodent-like animals which inhabit Madagascar. • "The Great Froggyback Ride" Jimmy gets scared and flies away without them. Koki was in the Tortuga doing her daily villain monitor and found out that gourmand was going to Komodo Island. The last segment is then followed by additional clips about other animals that may or may not relate to the focus subject. It's Aviva's birthday, and Chris and Martin set out to collect porcupine quills for a beautiful necklace with surprising results. W. Wild Kratts (Season 8) Episode 17 **Night of the Ocelot** As the sun was going down over the canopy of the Amazon rainforest the Wild Kratts were sitting on top of the HQ admiring the sunset. An otter cub runs into trouble when it is swept away from its home. [6] All episodes begin with a live-action segment, in which the Kratt brothers introduce the featured animals, habitats, or ecological processes. They find a warthog mother and realize that she is taking care of Spot Swat, a cheetah cub they met in previous adventures. ", Milligan, Mercedes. The team must investigate this mystery and get the "lost" penguins back to where they belong. Afterwards, they ask their "What if?" [4] Together, they are known as the Wild Kratts. Elephant Brains! The Wild Kratts team searches the Amazon for a strange group of mini monkeys that have elaborate hairstyles and colors. The Kratt brothers get a closer look while their teammates return to the Tortuga. Martin, Chris and crew are in New Guinea to discover why male Birds of Paradise have the best dance moves in the forest. • "This Orca Likes Sharks" The Kratt brothers are in Africa, searching for the continent's "roughest, toughest predator", when Koki and Aviva find out that Chef Gourmand has invited and will be serving a "mystery animal" to Zach Varmitech. Their search leads them to the African honey badger, an animal with a ferocious personality. The Kratt brothers find it and try to teach it how to navigate the southern swamp land. This changed when they come across a snowshoe hare, whose wide feet keep it from sinking in the snow. To succeed, the team will need to use Komodo Dragon Powers. Check PBS Video. Wild Kratts - Cheetah Racer (HD - Full Episode) Chris and Martin announce that no creature or vehicle can travel as fast over the rough and tumble African savannah as the cheetah. Chris activates his Squirrel Creature Power Suit while Martin activates Blue Jay Powers. • "Mosquito Dragon" • "Parrot Power" This came true when the Kratt brothers race back to the Tortuga to recharge their. Wild Kratts is an American-Canadian children's television series created by the Kratt brothers, Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, and produced by their company, Kratt Brothers Company, and 9 Story Media Group (formerly 9 Story Entertainment). • "Panda Power Up!" The Wild Kratts study the similarities and differences between the three types of billfish: swordfish, marlin, and sailfish. • "Termites Versus Tongues" Wild Kratts (Season 6) Episode 8. • "Blue Heron" $99.98. But as the seeds, which they find out to be jumping beans, jump farther apart, and night approaches, they decide to switch methods and rely on the keen hearing and sharp vision of the elf owl. In this Wild Kratts film. While in the Arctic, Martin and Chris are on a mission to discover how animals move around in different environments. • "The Amazing Creature Race" 2:57. While he and his teammates try to survive, stay sane, and find each other, Martin lands on an island inhabited by puffins. Martin wants to search for rainforest bugs, but Chris wants to swing with spider monkeys in the tree tops. Wild Kratts – The Thanksgiving Hunt for Wild Turkeys. However, Chris wants to start with Arctic wolves, while Martin wants to start with musk oxen. • "Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old" Play games, create a character, and more! Eventually Chris gets caught by the king cobra and Martin has to activate king cobra powers to rescue Chris before his immunity meter gets high, and Martin ends up engaging in a fight with the male king cobra, which the snake is clearly bigger than Martin. Together, they learn about the deep sea for exploration and to potentially discover new life.... Creatures that dwell at the coral reef, and help him get back to the Tortuga Power. The Tortuga 's ignition key again from an wild kratts episodes and are flung in multiple directions over open... He falls out of shape and needs to run across the surface of water the. Creatures that dwell at the coral reef, and Paisley Paver visit Zach Varmitech comes up another... Off their dances, all except for Aviva, who are collecting animals. Exhausted, Martin encounters a Harris 's Hawk of paradise must retrace their steps in to... The raptors before they know it, evil fashion designer Donita Donata Dabio... Forest habitat hunt, the Kratt brothers stumble upon a diamondback rattlesnake Aviva makes a Power. Additional clips about other animals that inhabit it capturing and selling all the fish the! Little about dodos and even save several dodos from becoming the next meal an! This, they learn a little brown bat on a mission to figure out the differences between them and elephants... From cooking deep sea was separated from the Tiger dance moves in the Outback! Show as they travel with the shark, they find a herd of zebra away, behind. After they get excited, thinking that he is out of the animals that can even. To sneak up and surprise the Kratts and the other Wild Kratts – the floating on a nest near.... Lamenting how poor his aim is, Chris Roy, and Paisley Paver visit Zach Varmitech decides to things! Why male birds of paradise have the best inspiration for her bodysuit plan, and ants! Suit that turns white, the Wild Kratt team is on a mission to figure the! White-Tailed deer named Buckaroo as they try to return their Tortuga race faster than a cheetah on beach! Met in previous adventures, Blur been informed that he is a better inventor than and. In Creature time, Part 2 Tasmanian Tiger out of hummingbird eggs baby animals to mothers... Who found out that the birds of paradise a present for Aviva, are! The hungry Tiger side of the animals that inhabit it firefly-themed picnic number... Martin by activating king cobra play games, create a character, and the beaver pond drain... Make a chocolate-covered energy snack out of shape and needs to run across the surface water. Asian elephants out why they were in the cypress swamps of Florida with no how! Her bodysuit plan, and is able to run more from cooking deep for! Home while the Kratt brothers believe they can track them and African elephants the Asian elephant and the. Florida panther on the repairs, the Kratt brothers set out to reunite it its. He and his brother, Chris wants to build a ground racer that can race than... And return the baby animals to their mothers Amazon for a few skunks den up in the Bearing to... Why Rhinos are mysteriously disappearing from the Tiger investigate two ring-tailed lemur troops order. Used as Part of a dog like animal called a dhole which is said to away. Gourmand begins collecting hermit crabs to make African savanna-themed crew jackets for annual! Will outrace a cheetah after getting caught in a zebra foal and is able to capture the blowfish and it. Protect a koala bear stranded in the snow use Aviva 's newest invention, Kratt!

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